On File Types

Apart from the image quality of the pictures you use in your graphics, saving your graphics in the wrong file format can also be disastrous for your image quality. If you’re saving and plan to edit your graphic again at some later time, it’s best to save in the file format that saves the layer … Continue reading “On File Types”

On Image Quality

Whether you are making small graphics such as icons, or big graphics like blends and website headers, using low quality images will ruin any graphic, no matter how awesome the idea behind it was. While it’s a slight bit easier with icons as they are small and resizing images to make them smaller makes the … Continue reading “On Image Quality”

Making link buttons (part 1)

As a member of the fanlisting community, I’ve come across quite some link back buttons (commonly called “codes” in the fanlisting world) that I wouldn’t want to use to link back with. I usually make my own code if those provided don’t look good or if there aren’t any in my preferred size. Occasionally though, … Continue reading “Making link buttons (part 1)”